Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have always been an avid writer. I write a lot for my school and for a newspaper. But I was never allowed to write about something I truly liked. So I have decided to write about a topic I like to talk about. Which, from the title of the blog you can assume, is about cars. Writing about interpretations of Hamlet, current events, and Romanticism (there is a realist value in Romanticism apparently) is not as fun as writing about cars. As you can imagine.  
My friends and I spend most of our free time talking about cars. We pretend we know a lot about them.
So I am going to invite you to talk about cars and make the most out of this blog. I sound like a broken record saying that I'm going to talk about cars. (cars. cars.) 

*My experience and knowledge of cars is limited. But with Google at my fingertips, I may be able to learn. 

I am a part of a few forums. If you are a Subaru Fan ( WRX, STI) check out this forum:

If you like modding your vehicles and love watching people do it (Marty and Moog) check out the MightyCarMods forum. They have a cool Aussie car show on YouTube so check it out. They also have magazines with some funny and important information. I have 3 issues on my iPad. Also, I have since picked up on a lot of new Australian speaking styles from this show. That's heaps fast mate.. Maaaaaddddd. Red brake calipers=+25 kilowatts. 


Hope you enjoy. *Please leave feedback and tell me what you want me to post about. I'm excited. 

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